Introducing LoTech Solutions

Choose the LoTech™ Solution — occasionally choose to be less “efficient,” though not necessarily less productive.  You might find that old solutions offer extra rewards.

Shop, chop and cook your food- It may be quicker and more efficient to shop on line or purchase take out, or simply open a can – but how enjoyable is it to stroll through a farmers market, hand pick your fruits and vegetables and finally prepare a dinner to share with your friends and family that incorporates your efforts and distinctive tastes and flavors.

Write it out – LoTech™ solutions often produce their own unique insights and empowerment. Hand written thank you notes are far more expressive and say so much more than a quickly shot out email. When you’re studying for an exam or creating to do lists, hand written notes will tend to imprint the information on your mind far more lastingly than typing the same notes on a computer.  Once written, sometimes you don’t even have to refer back to your notes.

Use cash – Place your credit cards in a drawer and place in your wallet the amount of cash you anticipate spending that week. Use only the cash. Be conscious of every expenditure. Save your receipts. Become familiar with your spending habits and how money works. It is not just a meaningless number that appears on a monthly statement, but rather a real accounting of your earnings less your spending. At the end of the week, review where you spent your money and decide what you can have done without, where you can save without affecting the quality of your life. Where are you spending thoughtlessly. Learn respect for your money and it will accumulate and grow.

Have a chat – Connect with your colleagues and co-workers. Instead of emailing back and forth or trying to contact someone via one of their multiple phones, get up and walk to their desks, exchange some mundane pleasantries, sit down and move on projects face to face.

Tell us of situations when you’ve opted for a LoTech™ solution for problems for which ‘high tech’ did not provide satisfying results.



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