Oscar Mayer uses Unplug and Reconnect concept in commercial!


More and more corporations are promoting their products as ways to Unplug and Reconnect™. In the Oscar Mayer video above, the father disconnects the house electricity and uses the hot dogs and a barbecue for a way to reconnect with his family. What extremes do you go to to remind your family to make time for Unplugging and Reconnecting™?

Staff Celebrates First Unplugging Moment

CEO, Dr. Joseph Geliebter, “clinking” new designed paper coffee cups filled with champagne in celebration of the Unplug & Reconnect launch!
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Is it time to take a TechBreak?

These days, it is not uncommon to see someone working with a Blackberry, an iPhone, an iPad or laptop and other digital devices all at the same time. We understand people are very busy and need to be connected to work, family and friends, but the over-stimulation can be very taxing on one’s mental well being.

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Introducing LoTech Solutions

Choose the LoTech™ Solution — occasionally choose to be less “efficient,” though not necessarily less productive.  You might find that old solutions offer extra rewards.

Shop, chop and cook your food- It may be quicker and more efficient to shop on line or purchase take out, or simply open a can – but how enjoyable is it to stroll through a farmers market, hand pick your fruits and vegetables and finally prepare a dinner to share with your friends and family that incorporates your efforts and distinctive tastes and flavors.

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1st Unplugging and Reconnecting Seminar for Nurses was a Success!!

On Tuesday, May 16th, we invited nurse practitioners to join us for our first Unplugging and Reconnecting™ seminar. Dr. Joseph Geliebter, CEO of Comprehensive Network®, Inc. and creator of the Unplugging and Reconnecting™ phenomenon, introduced the concept to a full house of health service professionals.

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