Remind you of anyone you know? Help a loved one Unplug and Reconnect this holiday weekend.

Does this remind you of a family member, co-worker or a friend? Even worse, is this you?

As we approach the Memorial Day weekend, millions of Americans are making plans for the holiday weekend. How are you planning to spend this weekend? Catching up on emails or catching up with old friends? Making final touch ups on that report, or finally spending time with your family?

A national holiday is the perfect time to turn off corporate America, and tune in to yourself. Take 5 minutes today and focus on the things and people that are most meaningful to you. After you complete the exercise, make plans for this weekend that will satisfy your spirit!

Unplugging & Reconnecting, was created to help us find a balance between our technology-laden, multitasking selves and our creative, emotional and spiritual needs — to benefit from one while sustaining the other. We hope you make time to U&R and enjoy the holiday weekend!


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