Sal The Barber

One morning I was going to get my cup of coffee before work, I passed my barber shop and the owner Sal was standing outside. This was a highly unusual sight considering that his salon was busier than a doctor’s practice. I stopped to see how he was and found out that Sal was going on vacation for ten days and was not cutting hair for three weeks!

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Turn Left Now!

Over the years my Grandfather has had the occasion to tell me, at least once a day, the various problems with current technology — it changes too fast, ruins relationships, causes problems by eliminating face to face interactions, doesn’t always provide correct information. Read more [+]

Dr. Joseph Geliebter interviewed on the Debbie Mandel Radio Show

Joseph Geliebter, creator of Mind Over Body, Inc. and U&R, was interviewed by Debbie Mandel, M.A. for her weekly radio show, Turn on Your Inner Light. The interview aired on AM 1240 in Long Island on July 26th at 7:00 P.M. Hear their conversation about Unplugging and Reconnecting here:

It’s not just Americans who are addicted! Brits have a hard time disconnecting too.

When given the challenge to disconnect for one full day, British participants likened the task to being as hard as quitting cigarettes or alcohol.

A recent project, Digital Selves, by consumer research group Intersperience queried 1000 people from 18 to 65 about their feelings and usage of the internet and other digital technology. The study found the following results: Read more [+]

New Twist on KISS: ‘Keep It Simple Spiritual™’

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Recently at work we have been tackling several large projects. Many members of my staff have been getting lost in the details. It brought to mind the old acronym KISS – Keep it Simple Stupid. While the concept of KISS is appealing, I don’t like the negative term Stupid. Some years ago, I began thinking

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