For Our East Coast Friends: Hurricane Irene

Hurricane IreneNew York City Mayor Bloomberg has just announced major evacuations for low lying (Zone A) areas of New York City by 5 p.m. Saturday (Aug. 26) and the shutdown of the mass transit system over the weekend due to Hurricane Irene.

Here are a few links to get the detailed information:

Official New York City Severe Weather Site

CNN Website

New York Times Website

NYC Zone Map

Safety First

Safety comes first. No doubt most of us will be glued to televisions, computers, and technology devices for information updates. Please heed the advice and guidelines communicated.

An earthquake and Category 1 hurricane in one week should cause all of us to reflect and take stock of the quality of our lives. As the Mayor said, we should remain indoors this weekend. Once you’re safely indoors in a safe zone, with your family and friends, make the most of it, use technology to keep you informed, but use the time to reconnect with what’s most important: your family and friends.

We are working on a special Unplug and Reconnect message for Labor Day weekend, which we’ll send out on Tuesday, after the storm has passed! We wish you a safe weekend.

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