Take the Unplug and Reconnect Labor Day 2011 Challenge

For most of us, Labor Day means a long weekend to relax and spend time with our families. But the holiday also signifies the end of summer, the end of vacations, and time to get back to “business,” whether that means re-establishing a frantic work pace or returning to school after a long, restive break.

To many, the Tuesday after Labor Day is to the end of summer what Monday is to the weekend. During the summer, we naturally Unplug & Reconnect (U&R), even at work, where an overall sense of relaxation prevails. Some are encouraged to dress down at the office, while others enjoy early Fridays.

Unfortunately, the tranquil pace of summer dramatically changes after Labor Day, when a “nose to the grindstone” mindset takes over. Some of us get anxious on Labor Day just as we get anxious on Sunday nights. It’s a known fact that our blood pressure spikes on Monday mornings–something that causes a significant increase in heart attacks. Imagine what the seasonal shift that occurs on Labor Day can do!

The past two summers, we have issued the Unplugging & Reconnecting™ Challenge. Labor Day Weekend is the final U&R blowout of the season, our last chance to take three straight days to truly Unplug! As tempting as it is to catch up on your Facebook newsfeed, stock up on smartphone apps or attempt to get the Angry Birds’ high score on your iPad, we hope you’ll stay unplugged from your entire collection of technology devices and enjoy being with your family and friends in a relaxed setting.

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