Tell Us How You Unplugged and Win!

We’d like to invite you to take one last look back at the summer and take part in the Unplug and Reconnect (U&R) Labor Day Essay Contest! Write a brief essay telling us how you Unplugged and Reconnected during the summer or over the Labor Day weekend.  Feel free to include a pic!

U&R ESSAY CONTEST (no more than 1 page)

The top two essays will be selected by our U&R “LoTech™ Survivalists” and featured on our blog in September. Winners will be awarded their choice of one of our Friends and Family LoTech Survival Kits. All other entries received by Tuesday, Sept. 6, 2011, will be entered into a raffle for a Survival Kit! **Bonus** ‘Like’ us on Facebook (at Unplugging and Reconnecting: U&R) or Tweet this link using the hastag #Unplugandreconnect and get an extra chance to win a Survival Kit.

Prize Options include the choice of one of the following Friends and Family LoTech™ Survival Kits:

1) LoTech Camping Survival Kit: (Tent,  two sleeping bags, lantern and cooler)

2) LoTech Luxury Survival Kit: (A sumptuous dinner for two with wine; luxury bath kit including terry robes and candles)

3) LoTech Family Night Survival Kit: (Family dinner for four delivered to your home, plus “make your own dessert” ingredients and a selection of four board games)

4) LoTech Getaway Survival Kit: ($200 Jet Blue Certificate and one carry on luggage bag)

Submit your short essay to by September 5 to take part!

We hope you’ll enjoy your break. We’re currently working on raising 1,000,000 Unplugging hours on October 2nd. Look forward to details after the contest. Happy Unplugged Labor Day from all of us at U&R!


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4 Responses to Tell Us How You Unplugged and Win!
  • Mario Molinaro, LMHC

    Replied on: September 2, 2011, 10:08 pm

    It’s getting to be time to re-connect.

  • […] Far be it from us to tell you to  ”shut down that computer” or “put the cell phone down.” Yet, on this, a holiday weekend dedicated to honoring hard work…we feel a little guilty about that. So here’s a compromise: take some time away from technology and write a brief essay for Unplug and Reconnect’sLabor Day Essay Contest. […]

  • Sheea Langsam

    Replied on: September 6, 2011, 7:32 pm

    Unplugging and reconnecting is not just a nice and noble idea. I believe that it’s vital in order to maintain our sanity in a fast pace world where we’re busy outrunning ourselves and tripping upon our own human shortcommings.

  • susana

    Replied on: September 25, 2011, 1:49 am

    to socialize with children are really peace in your daily living.