The Day My Phone Died: The 5 Stages of Grief

GUEST BLOGGER: Jeremy Wimmer

Last weekend I left my phone charger at work.

Denial. I check my bag again, it has to be there.  Maybe my girlfriend borrowed it?  I check my end table.  Then my bag.  Then my end table.  My coat pocket.  Back to my bag…. Read more [+]

Unplug and Reconnect to get a good night’s sleep

A recently published article on IndyStar says “Ninety-five percent of those surveyed use some type of electronics, including a computer, video game, cellphone or television, at least a few nights weekly within an hour before bed.” Read more [+]

Author Nicholas Carr says "Ok to be disconnected sometimes"

Carr, a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, recently espoused his views on how the internet and computers are changing the way we think, our attention and creativity. Carr initially embraced technology but soon found it was effecting the way he worked and the ability to achieve “deep-thinking.”

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Remind you of anyone you know? Help a loved one Unplug and Reconnect this holiday weekend.

Does this remind you of a family member, co-worker or a friend? Even worse, is this you?

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What is the meaning of happiness? It all depends on your age.

Happiness can mean something different to each individual, but a study done at Stanford University identified trends in how people associate happiness and their ages.

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