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Unplugging & Reconnecting, a U&R Experience, was created in response to our current state of digital overload and to rising concerns that the more connected we are technologically, the more we find ourselves isolated and removed from family, friends and even our inner-selves.

This recent addition to our Mind Over Body® division consists of research, concepts and techniques to help us find a balance between our technology-laden, multitasking selves and our creative, emotional and spiritual needs — to benefit from one while sustaining the other.

Mind Over Body® was founded in 1985 to highlight the link between one’s mind set or attitude and his/her physical well being and to provide resources, in-person programs and seminars, and general support to individuals in their quest for physical, emotional and social well being.

Guest Bloggers


We are proud to be affiliated with thousands of health, education, and mental well being professionals. We invite them to regularly contribute their views on Unplugging and Reconnecting™ and how they utilize it in their own lives and practice. Below, meet our guest bloggers!


Debbie Mandel, M.A.

Joseph Geliebter, Ph.D.

Jeremy Wimmer

Jennie Finkelstein

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