Unplugging and Reconnecting: Managing your Addiction to Technology and Stress – For Sign Language Interpreters – June 21, 2011

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Our first series of U&R workshops for Registered Nurses was such a success that we are offering these “life changing” seminars to Sign Language Interpreters in honor of our affiliate SignTalk®’s 15 year anniversary!

Of all the health and educational consultants we work with, no one is more plugged in then our sign language interpreters. We are excited to offer then these revolutionary techniques for stress additction.

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1st Unplugging and Reconnecting Seminar for Nurses was a Success!!

On Tuesday, May 16th, we invited nurse practitioners to join us for our first Unplugging and Reconnecting™ seminar. Dr. Joseph Geliebter, CEO of Comprehensive Network®, Inc. and creator of the Unplugging and Reconnecting™ phenomenon, introduced the concept to a full house of health service professionals.

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Unplugging and Reconnecting: Managing your Addiction to Technology and Stress

We live a life of jarring contradictions.  On one hand we are all wired into technology – enabling us to accomplish 24/7 thus becoming crazy busy. On the other hand Nature has hardwired us to live in accordance to a more balanced rhythm.

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NYC Corporation encourages its employees and affiliates to unplug!

Corporate executives are rarely good examples for taking time to completely disconnect from work. A recent survey conducted by Robert Half Management Resources collected responses from for than 1400 CFO’s. Almost 70 percent of the CFO’s responded that they check in with the office at least once or twice a week during their vacation. The practices of these executives trickle down to employees who also find themselves slaves to their mobile devices.

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Unplugging and Reconnecting – The Next Challenge

Take an August break – Unplug and Reconnect for a day!

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — During August, the traditional time for one last summer vacation, Comprehensive Network®, Inc. is launching, “Unplugging and Reconnecting™ – The Next Challenge.” Read more