5 Tips for Achieving Work Life Balance


  1. Schedule your time wisely – Plan your day/week/month and include non work activities that are the most meaningful to you. Make time for the gym, schedule time for your children/loved ones, and plan dates with your spouse. Using a calendar will remind you to make time for important family and self time.
  2. Eat Meals away from your office/desktop– Mindful eating is very important to overall physical and mental wellbeing. Taking time to enjoy your food will not only benefit your waistline, but will help you relax and decompress from your busy day.

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International Students Benefitted from “Unplugging”

College students attempting a 24 unplugging challenge rate their experience.

A recent study by the International Center for Media & the Public Affair surveyed students in 10 countries who were asked to unplug from all media for 24 hours.  Read more [+]

How is Social Media Affecting our Children?

The American Academy of Pediatrics(AAP) published a new clinical report on “The Impact of Social Media Use on Children, Adolescents and Families.”
The report warns parents to be aware of some problems associated with social media use, especially for teens and tweens. Facebook depression, cyberbullying and sexting are some of the new hazards associated with online media.
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Unplugging and Reconnecting – The Next Challenge

Take an August break – Unplug and Reconnect for a day!

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — During August, the traditional time for one last summer vacation, Comprehensive Network®, Inc. is launching, “Unplugging and Reconnecting™ – The Next Challenge.” Read more [+]

Unplugging and Reconnecting Challenge

For the last few weeks, Joseph Geliebter, PhD, CEO of Comprehensive Network® Inc., a leading healthcare and educational services company, has been encouraging his staff to take an hour to Unplug and Reconnect™ and experience the things in life that are most meaningful to them.

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