Unplugging and Reconnecting Challenge

For the last few weeks, Joseph Geliebter, PhD, CEO of Comprehensive Network® Inc., a leading healthcare and educational services company, has been encouraging his staff to take an hour to Unplug and Reconnect™ and experience the things in life that are most meaningful to them.

“In this digital age, we need to unplug from our technology-laden, multitasking selves, and reconnect with our inner selves and the people around us” said Dr. Geliebter, a clinical psychologist. “Our physical and mental health and social skills are negatively affected by this technological invasion that is bordering on a ‘social virus’.”

Following the exceedingly positive feedback from the staff, Comprehensive Network® is now inviting their thousands of affiliated professionals and the general public to partake in an exciting challenge.

The Challenge:

Unplug for a minimum of one hour from all of your technology devices, including your computers, cell phones, smart phones, TV, iPods, gaming consoles, GPSs etc.

Reconnect with friends and family in person, meditate, take a walk, focus on the natural beauty around you, tune into the sounds and sights you usually ignore such as birds singing and leaves rustling, read a book you haven’t found time for, take a candlelit bath, or practice yoga.

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