Unplugging and Reconnecting – The Next Challenge

Take an August break – Unplug and Reconnect for a day!

NEW YORK, Aug. 4 /PRNewswire/ — During August, the traditional time for one last summer vacation, Comprehensive Network®, Inc. is launching, “Unplugging and Reconnecting™ – The Next Challenge.”

In July, Comprehensive Network held a successful Unplugging and Reconnecting™ Challenge for thousands of its affiliated professionals in healthcare and education. The challenge was to unplug for just one hour from the constant stream of technology-based stimulation.

“Our physical and mental health and social skills are negatively affected by the technological invasion that is bordering on a ‘social virus’,” said Joseph Geliebter, PhD, CEO of Comprehensive Network. “We have become so addicted to technology that some of us are busy with technology devices throughout the day and night, and even take them to bed with us!”

The first challenge of unplugging for one hour during the work week was spent in a myriad of creative ways. A professional who lives in New York City described how she sat on her roof and reconnected by “star gazing and singing childhood songs.”

“If a person in the busiest city in the world can unplug,” said Dr. Geliebter, a clinical psychologist, “then certainly, when on vacation, we can and must find ways to unplug our devices and tune in to our spiritual selves and the people around us.”

In this digital age, workers, especially managers, have trouble unplugging on vacation. Aside from lost productivity and potential burnout, those who cannot unplug at will are at higher risk for damaging their work and personal relationships.

See Unplugging (www.comprehensivenet.com/blog) for ways to Unplug and Reconnect™.

Tips for “Surviving” a Technology-Free, August Day

* Choose vacation spots where you will be forced to unplug:

o Stay away from WiFi areas

o Visit remote rural or undeveloped areas e.g. parks and camping grounds

o Take a cruise without utilizing cell phone, internet or WiFi access

* If you must stay in a technology-supported area:

o Take the batteries out of your devices and check them in the hotel safe

o Unplug the television

o Go out with friends and family

o Stay outside and be active: go for a walk or hike, ride a bike, play ball, swim, or go fishing

o Tune in to nature

After resisting the urge to stay plugged in, i.e., checking emails, Facebook, Twitter, voicemails, etc., you will relax, rest your mind and body, and experience rejuvenation. This Unplugging and Reconnecting™ vacation will enable you to return to daily life and work with renewed focus and priorities.

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