Is it time to take a TechBreak?

These days, it is not uncommon to see someone working with a Blackberry, an iPhone, an iPad or laptop and other digital devices all at the same time. We understand people are very busy and need to be connected to work, family and friends, but the over-stimulation can be very taxing on one’s mental well being.

The solution for the constantly plugged in individual is a TechBreak™. A TechBreak™ is a mini vacation from digital technology to reset your inner self and can be a very useful tool during the work day.

Just take 5 – 15 minutes and shut off or close all technological devices. You can do a quick breathing exercise, stretch, or simply enjoy a cup of coffee without interruption.

After a TechBreak™, you’ll be able to plug back in more focused and relaxed. Try it and let us know how you felt.

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