‘Disconnect and Enjoy’ Video

Here is a video from our partners at Day to Disconnect showing exactly why it’s important to Unplug and Reconnect! While you prepare for the Labor Day weekend (and write your Unplugging and Reconnecting essay!) we hope this motivates you to really take the time on this last great holiday weekend of the summer to turn off the tech devices and focus on yourself, your family and friends.

In partnership with Ohr Naava, a Brooklyn based women’s organization and the originator of the ‘Day To Disconnect’ campaign, we will be helping to raise 1,000,000 Unplugging hours on Sunday, October 2, 2011. Look forward to details after the Labor Day contest.

Forty-two percent of Americans use their cellphones to combat boredom.  Fifty-three percent of our population owns a smart phone. It seems with each additional innovation, we are  increasingly stripped of our ability to simply live our lives. When social interaction becomes awkward, we pull out our cell phones and pretend to text so as to avoid human contact.  Our loved ones are ignored as we attend whatever urgent business technology presents. E-mails continue to flood our inboxes.  In the United States, we may be advancing technologically, but we are losing sight of how to grow as beings among other beings.

Enjoy your holiday weekend and we hope you’ll spend it with those you love!

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