Author Nicholas Carr says "Ok to be disconnected sometimes"

Carr, a Pulitzer Prize nominated author, recently espoused his views on how the internet and computers are changing the way we think, our attention and creativity. Carr initially embraced technology but soon found it was effecting the way he worked and the ability to achieve “deep-thinking.”

Carr credits search engines and social media as contributors to constant distraction, “We take in so much information so quickly that we are in a constant state of cognitive overload.”

Carr, like Unplugging and Reconnecting™, does not suggest that we stop using technology altogether, but does suggest limiting its use in order to give our brains a chance to concentrate and be deep-thinkers.

Unplugging and Reconnecting™ is the perfect opportunity to give our overloaded brains an opportunity to rest, refocus, and reconnect with our inner deep thinker!


“I think as a society we’re choosing information overload: we’re choosing to sacrifice the more meditative and contemplative aspects of our minds.”

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