Check Your Tech at the Door

Have you ever indulged in the great pastime of watching old Westerns? Inevitably it gets to the part where the protagonist or “good guy” is about to enter a saloon where the black-hatted bad guy is waiting for him with his cronies.

I guess after enough people died, the citizens of these towns decided that it was time to tame “Wild West.” Guns were forbidden in the hotel, or the saloon, and eventually in the whole town. This is our answer to technology – you can have it and use it, but not everywhere and not all the time. Get civilized.

Choose one hour, or one activity or location, and “check your Tech” at the door. Keep other technological distractions and temptations off, out of reach and even out of sight – television, computer, stereo, video games, iPod, all things technology related.

For this one hour or one activity do nothing having to do with technology (unless an emergency occurs). Do not even turn on and off lights. And stay conscious. NO SLEEPING through this experience. Spend the time doing something you once enjoyed doing, or something new you’ve been waiting to do. This is for you to choose and the choices are endless. Be sure to inform your family and friends of what you are doing so that they don’t distract you from your goal.

Start with one hour, once a week. Relax…. if you still remember how!


By: Joseph Geliebter, Ph.D.




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